Unconscious Inertia


Here’s some things that came across my desk this week:

  • Fellow Mississippian Blake Watson presented a talk this week on home-cooked apps at MagnoliaJS.
  • MagnoliaJS is a—previously unknown to me, but been around since 2021—software development conference in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • Antoni Sawicki explored a niche of a niche: Windows NT 3.1 on DEC Alpha AXP.
  • Chris Siebenmann explains your email’s “Sent” folder and notes some potential issues.
  • Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld magazine notes some techniques for blocking AI bots.
  • Glad to see somebody’s put together a gateway for your Chaosnet Lisp Machine LAN to talk to these new-fangled systems using TCP/IP.

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The minimal installation ISO for Rocky Linux is fine…unless you’re installing to a system with only WiFi networking. The installer will let you connect to the network, but when you reboot after the installation, WiFi won’t work.

However, this is simple to fix. Once you get to the end of the installer and have a “Reboot Now” button—don’t hit it yet!—press Ctrl-Alt-F2. This will put you at a command line prompt.

Enter the command chroot /mnt/sysroot. Entering the chroot makes the next command act as though that directory were the root directory: dnf install NetworkManager-wifi. Then exit the chroot.

Now you can reboot (don't forget to remove the installation media).

#Linux #RockyLinux #networking