The Author

Hi, I’m Carson Chittom. Probably you already knew that.

I have opinions on things (which you probably shouldn’t pay much attention to). I currently work in internal operations at a software company. In the past I’ve done technical support (both for that company and others), written and implemented government policy as a state bureaucrat, served two military deployments in southwest Asia, and worked as a chef. Briefly, I was also paid to feed fish.

Needless to say, those opinions I mentioned don’t necessarily represent those of my current or past employers.

My wife Rebecca is a college professor. We met at the University of Mississippi, where I was finishing up my bachelor’s degree after those military deployments, and she was doing her doctorate in vocal pedagogy. We’ve been married since 2005. Needless to say, those opinions I mentioned don’t necessarily represent hers, either.

In 2009, we moved from Oxford, Mississippi, to Clinton, Mississippi, with two kids, Gabriel and Genevieve. In the subsequent years, Elizabeth, Katherine, John, Ciarán, Juliana, and Miriam were born. Now we’re a family of ten trying to navigate all the challenges of having a big family in a world that’s not really set up for that.


After some thought, I’ve decided not to have any public comments on this site. But if you’d like to get in touch privately, I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re subscribed via email, you can just reply to any of those emails and it will come straight to me. If you’re not subscribed, or if you’re not saying something about a particular post, email me at at

The Site

Unconscious Inertia is created using Nikola with a plugin for OrgMode (which yes, means they’re all written in Emacs). The theme is a slightly modified Libretto. Email subscriptions are handled by Buttondown.

I host the site myself, out of my house, in an LX branded zone under OmniOS, on an old Dell R210 II that I can reach out and touch. I needed to shift some things around, at least temporarily, so now it’s hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, whom I recommend if you’re a technically inclined person who needs a web host and doesn’t want to bother doing everything yourself on a VPS.


This site has no real analytics, because I don’t care.

I do keep normal webserver logs for a few months, which record things like what pages are accessed from which IP address, browser User-Agent, referrer URL, and so on, in case I need to troubleshoot a problem or validate that something is working. These logs are not looked at otherwise—again, don’t care—and are eventually discarded.

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